Golf Cart Rentals Made Easy

Golf Cart rentals make every vacation better and Glass Casa makes it easy to rent.

All rentals are subject to availability. All drivers must be 22 years of age and have valid auto insurance to rent or be additional drivers.

Enjoy the freedom of driving a Golf Cart in the fresh beach air along the Emerald Coast

Golf Carts offer a better opportunity for parking and more flexibility  along the beach entrances and at many of our shopping destinations. 

Enjoy one of our step through bicycles Riding a bike along the Emerald Coast is fun and enjoyable for the entire family

Bicycles offer hours of family fun and exploration along the coast and at many of our restaurants and shopping destinations. 

We have flexible pricing.
Choose your plan:

Registered guests of Glass Casa receive discounts on all rentals.  All discounts will be verified by reservation number.
Single Bike

Single Bike Regular Rental


$50.00 week

Our single bike rentals are $50.00 per week non Glass Casa Guest and $35.00 for registered guest all bikes are a three-day minimum. 

Best Deal

4 Bike Family Pack


$200.00 Week

Our family pack rentals start at $200.00 and include 4 bikes of your choice of size. Glass Casa registered guests only pay $125.00 per week for our family pack. 

LSMV Rental

Golf Cart Rental



Our Golf Cart rentals start at $435.00 for a three day minimum and increase just $145.00 per day after that. Registered Guest of Glass Casa only pay $375.00 three day minimum and $125.00 per day after that.